When I was younger you know, he says, there was this girl on my street. A blonde girl. The middle school was only few blocks away from our neighborhood and we always walked to school together, or I kind of, I was really too scared to really approach her at first but we started to walk to class together because coincidently, because it makes sense, we leave our houses at the same time and eventually she was too tired or fed up of walking ahead of me or for waiting for me to pass her, so one day. She stops. She stops in my favorite spot along the fence with some cool vines and thorns and roses growing from within the ribbons of the twisted steel and she turns around you know? and waits there for me.

She fucking waits there for me and I am thirteen.

Do you want to walk with me? She says to me. We're both laughing while she is asking me this, like we were older then we were, we felt enlightened or like as if we were adults because I think, we realized we were finally going to accept something. Something already there, existing between us like human need for human need. That there was no avoiding one another. We were neighbors. We go to the same school. Walk the same scenic route through the park and baseball field with the holy glowing lights during the nighttime and evergreens. I told her I wished I asked her first. She said to me, fuck, really? You can have credit if you want when we talk about it to other people, she said and we were fucking thirteen. Who the fuck was this girl? Where did she come from? She was so intimate to me and so quickly, she felt like a time traveler or something or like my protector. My secret, beautiful protector and sometimes we ditched class together you know? and find a place.

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